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6 Reasons You Need a Nutritionist

As research continues to reveal the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy body, nutritionists and registered dietitians are taking on larger roles as part of the care team. These healthcare professionals have undergone specialized training and gained certifications to give nutrition advice and help you improve your health.

ScaleNutritionists can create diet plans, teach you about eating and help you address unhealthy eating behaviors. They specialize in helping you find foods you and your body love.

While almost everyone can benefit from trusted, evidence-based nutrition education and advice, here are some of the top reasons that you may need a nutritionist:

To control diabetes

If you have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, nutrition is vital for maintaining healthy blood sugars and preventing your condition from getting worse. Diabetes nutrition counseling helps you learn about how foods affect your diabetes and teaches you strategies for healthier eating.

To boost athletic performance

Athletes need specialized diets to fuel great workouts and stellar performances. Sports nutritionists understand how to create diet plans for athletes from a variety of sports that help your body build strength, gain energy and recover from workouts. These diet plans will include foods you love as well as foods you need to succeed in your sport.

To help with metabolic conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome

Metabolic conditions can increase your risk of obesity, heart conditions and diabetes. Nutritionists can help you control these risks with diet plans designed for your health and conditions. These plans may help you maintain or lose weight, depending on your goals.

To treat digestion problems, food allergies or intolerances

Digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux or lactose intolerance requires specialized diets to control symptoms. Nutritionists can help you create diet plans that keep you healthy, reduce symptoms and are full of foods that you enjoy eating.

To have the healthiest pregnancy possible

What you eat during pregnancy, your baby eats, too. Nutritionists can help you choose the right foods to encourage helathy development in your baby and keep you healthy, too. After your baby is born, nutritionists can also help you create a plan to lose baby weight while maintaining a good milk supply for breastfeeding.

To lose weight and keep it off

When you are on a journey to lose weight, you need comprehensive support. Nutritionists can create personalized weight loss nutrition plans to help you lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds. Your nutritionist will guide you toward healthy food choices while helping you enjoy the foods you are eating.

Nutritionists can also teach you about healthy food habits and behaviors that encourage weight loss. Healthy habits may include eating at the dining table, weighing your food or avoiding late night snacks. The goal of this education is to help you develop healthy habits for the rest of your life.

At Bon Secours Physical Therapy, you can receive personalized counseling from our nutrition experts at location throughout Richmond. Learn more about developing your own individual diet plan with help from our staff.