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Bon Secours Physical Therapy experts use Dartfish Technology to evaluate your sports techniqueWhen you’re hurting the only thing on your mind is finding a way to make the pain stop. Whether you’re in pain from an injury, recovering from surgery or discover your range of motion has become limited by a persistent ache, physical therapy truly helps. At Bon Secours Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we believe in patient-centered, evidence-based care. Together, you and your therapy team will work toward the same goal: to help you get better.

Our state-of-the-art facility offers the best in testing, technology and equipment to help identify not just the factors that brought you here, but those that might slow down your recovery. We use motion analysis video technology to capture your movement. This unique technology helps us hone in on any coping mechanisms your body uses – that may ultimately slow you down. Once we identify it, we can structure a plan to help you correct it.

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