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Industrial Rehabilitation

Just as every sport has different physical demands, every job has its own unique set of requirements. Our Industrial Rehabilitation program offers treatment for and prevention of work-related injuries that are specifically tailored to the job’s demands.

Our physical therapists work in close collaboration with your physician to support your safe return to work. Our staff has experience in ergonomic adaptation, cumulative trauma, disorder treatment and prevention. Our program goals focus on preventing injuries before they occur and maximizing employee efficiency.

Acute Injured Worker Rehabilitation
Our Industrial Rehabilitation is designed to help injured workers identify work capacities, regain functional skills, and return to work safely after an injury.

  • Early return to work recommendations on appropriate lifting and activity levels
  • Client education on self-management and protection techniques
  • Immediate notification of missed or late visits to all referring entities
  • Consistent communication on function and barriers to progress


Contact any of our locations in the Richmond area for more information on our Industrial Rehabilitation program.