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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Physical therapy for the geriatric population focuses on optimizing function. As we age, our bodies undergo wear and tear. Although this process is normal, it sometimes leads to pain and disability, causing patients to limit their activity or stop doing what they enjoy. Geriatric physical therapy has been found effective in improving strength, mobility and balance to help the aging individual build confidence in staying active.

Bon Secours Physical Therapy Geriatric Rehab Programs:


  • Improve mobility, strength and endurance.
  • Increase functional skills.
  • Reduce pain, stiffness and discomfort.
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of the disease process.
  • Improve quality of life.
  • Nutrition assessment and education to decrease inflammation.*


  • Body mechanics assessment and education.
  • Fall prevention and balance training.|
  • Back pain management.
  • Back stabilization and strengthening.
  • Aerobic exercise and posture re-education.
  • Weight-bearing exercises.
  • Patient education.
  • ADL retraining.

Total Joint

  • Pain management.
  • Range of motion.
  • Strength training.
  • Balance training.
  • Use of assistive devices.
  • Proprioception (position sense).
  • Scar management.
  • Resuming functional lifestyle activities.

Urinary and Fecal Incontinence**

  • External and internal evaluation of the lumbosacral and pelvic floor musculature.
  • Food diary and diet modifications/education; fluid intake.
  • Pelvic floor muscle re-education, strengthening and training using biofeedback. • Detailed home exercise program with ongoing patient education.
  • Bladder training and instruction/training in proper voiding techniques.
  • Instruction in proper posture and toileting techniques for fecal elimination. • Gentle electrical stimulation for pelvic floor re-education and strengthening.
  • Balloon rectal training.

Balance and Fall Prevention

  • Physical evaluation.
  • Assessment of risk factors associated with falls.
  • Individualized exercise program and education.
  • Home fall risk assessment and fall prevention techniques.
  • Identification of need for assistive device (cane, walker, etc.) and training for device.

Vestibular Services

  • Improve symptoms, balance and mobility to enhance functional status.
  • Educate on compensatory strategies and instruct on a home exercise program.
  • Provide suggestions for environmental and home modifications for fall prevention and safety awareness.

LSVT BIG® Program for Parkinson’s Disease***

  • Faster walking with bigger steps.
  • Better balance.
  • Increased flexibility of trunk.
  • Improvement on daily activity, such as bed mobility.
  • Increased UPDRS motor score.

Most Bon Secours Physical Therapy locations offer geriatric rehab programs. Please call one of our clinics for more information.