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Sports Performance Programs

Take it to the next level. Improve yourself. Improve your game. Learn how with programs that are geared towards improving your overall performance, so you can move to the next level. Regardless of your sport or skill level, we can help you reach your highest potential. Our experienced coaching staff is composed of the highest caliber clinical and sports experts, including physical therapists with advanced degrees, certified strength and conditioning specialists, board certified orthopedic specialists and physicians board certified in Sports Medicine. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your performance goals so you can succeed at the next level.

Program features

Our holistic approach to training the athlete (mindset, movement, nutrition and recovery) allows us to incorporate education from several disciplines into your training. Proper implementation of a comprehensive program will help you perform your best at every level.

We specialize in speed and agility training, combine-specific training, functional movement screening, injury prevention, corrective exercise, power development, energy system development and athletic performance. Personalized training programs, as well as VO2 max metabolic testing, are available to individuals, groups and teams.

Features also include:

• Body fat analysis
• Seven-point functional movement screen to identify neuromuscular deficiencies
• High-speed video analysis may be used where appropriate
• Injury prevention strategies
• Strength and power development
• Specific energy system development

Program specifics

• Custom programs based on movement patterns are established to address balance, core strength and flexibility to enhance specific sports skills.
• Training is customized to promote strength, power and endurance and is designed to make the athlete quicker and more explosive.
• All sports performance programs include testing and retesting for objective improvement data.
• All sports performance programs are conducted at our state-of-the-art facility.

Package pricing varies depending on the number of sessions included. Discounts available for groups of four or more and on multi-package purchases. Please contact us for more information.