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The Importance of Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes

More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, a condition that affects the body’s ability to create and use insulin. If not treated, diabetes can cause serious complications, including the need for amputation, blindness and kidney failure.

But with help from a team of caring experts, you can take control of your diabetes and prevent complications. In addition to medicines, nutrition is the best way to manage your diabetes. It has numerous benefits, including:

Better Diabetes Control

Diabetes Nutrition CounselingWhen you participate in medical nutrition therapy, you receive personalized, one-on-one guidance on how to care for your diabetes. Your education will include how to monitor your blood sugar and interpret results, how diabetes works, symptoms of dangerously high or low blood sugar, and how to eat to help control your blood sugar.

Multiple studies have shown this individualized care leads to better blood sugar management, including lower A1C scores (a measure of your average blood sugar over a few months). 

Lower Costs

When your diabetes is under control thanks to better nutrition, you may need fewer medicines or less expensive medicines. While insulin can be very expensive, Metformin, another type of diabetes medicine, is not expensive. Medical nutrition therapy and Metformin may be enough to control your diabetes, saving you money on expensive medicines. Many insurances also cover medical nutrition therapy, making it a low- or no-cost treatment option.

You’ll also save money on doctor’s visits. With better control of your blood sugar, you’ll be at a lower risk of complications, which means fewer doctor’s visits and treatments.

Weight Loss

Though weight loss is not the goal of medical nutrition therapy, it is often a byproduct of eating well. In one study, patients lost an average of 10 pounds after just three months of medical nutrition therapy. Weight loss can help you better control your blood sugar and, in some cases, even reverse diabetes.

Long-Term Support

Managing a chronic disease like diabetes takes a team. Your dietitian acts as your advocate, helping you receive the tools and knowledge you need to manage diabetes. You’ll have a partner to help you design a healthier lifestyle and make long-term changes to benefit your health.

At Bon Secours Physical Therapy, our registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators can help you manage your diabetes and still enjoy the food you eat. They offer comprehensive nutrition assessments and personalized support to ensure you receive the right nutrition for your needs. Contact Bon Secours Physical Therapy today to schedule your first medical nutrition therapy appointment.