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Casey Fanz Dominates at Olympic Trials in Swimming

OT 2016Sports performance client places 21st out of 180 at the Olympic Trials! Check out Casey Fanz’ story below (provided by her mom, Lisa).  

“We are back from the Trials!  Everything was fabulous –  Casey went a best time in her 50; the fastest ever in her lifetime!  25:60.   She was .07 from making it to the semi-finals (top 16).  She finished 21st out of 180.  Of the 20 ahead of her, only two were 18 and under; everyone else was like 21-30 years old.  So she is third in the country for 18 and under and 21st for the whole group combined.  Tremendous!

She swam wonderfully; was relaxed and confident.  Her start was second fastest (RT = reaction time) her RT was a .64, the only other faster was a .63!  All that leg work and explosion work really benefited her on the blocks!  She looked strong throughout; she felt like if she didn’t take one more breath at the last 15 meters she may have snuck into top 16.  Experience will come…

Her Louisville coach was there (Casey signed back in the late fall) and he complimented her as well on the amazing swim.   He told her that he was excited for her to get out there and start training with them.   He also told her she would be ready for 2020 Trials!

Overall, we had an amazing time in Omaha; we really enjoyed ourselves and Casey performed the way she wanted to.  Thanks for all your work with her; and pushing her through some tough times.”

~Lisa Fanz