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What To Know About Industrial Rehabilitation

pexels-alex-green-5699456Maybe it begins with a painful twitch. You bend the wrong way in the office storage room reaching for an object. Or, maybe your hands are hurting more lately, and you have difficulty completing a report. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over two and a half million cases of work-related injuries were reported. Over one of a half million of these cases involved injuries that led to missed days at work. While the yearly average of work injuries has decreased steadily over the years due to innovations in safety precautions and training, the risk remains.

Following a work-related or other injury, rehabilitation may be necessary to help patients return to the job. Programs in Industrial Rehabilitation are designed to help people regain their pre-injury abilities and return to work as soon as possible. 

What is Industrial Rehabilitation?

Industrial rehabilitation is similar to physical rehab in the sense that patients undergo treatments and exercises to help regain specific functions and adapt to changes in their body following an injury. Therapists may employ different techniques to assist a patient:

  • Ergonomic adaptation – applying ergonomic equipment and procedures to your work space
  • Cumulative trauma disorder treatment – minimally-invasive treatment to help with sprains, aches and other disorders preventing you from work
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation – evaluation of physical strength and agility to determine a return to work or other options

Who needs Industrial Rehabilitation?

Anybody experiencing difficulty performing in the workplace may benefit from industrial rehabilitation. These may include:

  • People suffering injuries to the hands and/or wrists
  • People with chronic joint and back pain
  • People recovering from illness
  • People injured in accidents outside of work

How does Industrial Rehabilitation help?

Industrial rehabilitation offers more than therapies designed to help people get back to work. Programs can help determine how soon after an injury or illness can return, or if the person is able to do their prior job. People may also undergo programs within industrial rehabilitation to aid in a job search. Candidates can undergo evaluations to determine their abilities in specific industries.

Do you qualify for industrial rehabilitation? Bon Secours Physical Therapy offers programs and treatments for this and other physical therapies. Contact us today for more information.