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4 Noninvasive Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Sport man suffering from backache at park outdoors, Lower back pain conceptYour chronic back pain may be caused by a variety of problems, from a herniated disk to sciatica. Fortunately, many causes of back pain can be relieved without surgery. 

If you have back pain, try these treatments to find relief:

Massage Therapy

Physical therapists use massage therapy or manual therapy to loosen up and release tight muscles, fascia (connective tissue) and more. Tight tissues in the back can lead to pain and dysfunction that only makes tissues tighter. Massage can help break that cycle and help you increase your range of motion.

Individualized Exercise Program

No back pain rehabilitation program is complete without an exercise program. Light exercises like stretches and lifting light weights can help prevent back injury by strengthening your back. Your exercises may also help you improve your posture and bring your spine into better alignment.

Even though your back is in pain, movement is vital to pain relief. Movement helps increase blood flow to back tissues, speeds healing, and improves spine function.

Hot/Cold Therapy

Hot/cold therapy can ease inflammation in the back and help numb pain. If your back pain is preventing you from completing exercises or even participating in daily activities, hot/cold therapy can relieve pain enough to help you get moving again.

Body Mechanics Correction

Body mechanics are how your bones and muscles move when you move, whether you are standing, sitting, reaching or lifting. The right body mechanics keep your spine straight and aligned and help you use your core and leg muscles appropriately. Poor body mechanics can put strain on your back muscles, leading to pain and injury.

Physical therapists can help you correct your body mechanics so your back muscles are protected and feel less stress. They may help correct your posture, change your gait, or show you how to properly lift items.

Why You Should Try Noninvasive Back Pain Treatments

Noninvasive treatments for back pain can be very successful and are low-risk and low-cost. Surgery for back pain, on the other hand, can be expensive, may result in a long recovery, and is only effective about 50 percent of the time. Before you turn to a spine surgeon, you should also try more conservative treatments first.

At Bon Secours Physical Therapy, our expert physical therapists design personalized, comprehensive plans to relieve your back pain and help prevent pain in the future. We help you avoid surgery and live a healthier life.

Don’t live with back pain; contact Bon Secours Physical Therapy today to schedule your first appointment.