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“The advice and training that I have received have positively impacted my running.”

The below is a testimonial of a runner with the Advanced 10k Training Team who is going through the run performance program at Bon Secours Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.

“I started running again two years ago, and I’ve been lucky to not experience serious problems. When I learned about the gait analysis and performance testing, it seemed like a great chance to evaluate how my training has progressed. For instance, I know that my training has been effective when it comes to my aerobic capacity thanks to the VO2 Max test. On the other hand, the screening that Brandon Johnson, CSCS, FMS, USAW and Justin Taggart, PT, DPT, ATC have done is showing me where my strength and flexibility can be improved, and what to do to make the improvements.

The advice and training that I have received have positively impacted my running. The day after the gait analysis was a hard track night, and just using the preliminary information from Justin, I was able to be more mindful of my stride and landing. I was able to complete the workout and the changes helped to relieve the discomfort of a sore tendon. Something similar occurred following my first strength training session. My workout the next day was race pace two mile repeats, and the day after that I wasn’t sore the way I would have expected to be.  I believe it was the balance the strength training provided. I can see how these changes are going to improve my efficiency and allow me to train with fewer injuries.”