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We Salute our Registered Dietitians!

At Bon Secours Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, we do our best throughout the year to show our appreciation to all the hard working registered dietitians (RD’s) who assist patients and clients at all of our facilities.  Nonetheless, it’s great to see that March 8th is set aside on the calendar as National Registered Dietitians Day.  If you haven’t expressed your gratitude to your RD in some time, this is the day to do so!

Here's to Healthy Eating!If while reading this blog post and exploring our many programs offered through Bon Secours Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, you may have wondered how a registered dietitian can help you.  The word “diet” may bring on images of ridding your refrigerator of sodas and leftover fast food.  Maybe you don’t think you need nutrition advice if you don’t have to lose weight or if you have plenty of websites and healthy cookbooks to consult.

Before you click away, you should know that while assisting people with weight loss is part of many dietitians’ work, there is much more involved in the job.   With special education, training and experience, our RD’s are the in-house experts on food and nutrition.

While you may feel confident in knowing that a piece of fruit is a healthier snack choice than a cupcake, an RD can advise which fruits and in what quantity are most beneficial to your nutrition goals.  While taking all of your individual factors into consideration including work, family, medical conditions and allergies, registered dietitians craft individual meal plans designed to improve the quality of life.

What else can our Registered Dietitians Do?

Diabetes Nutrition Counseling: Type I, Type II, Gestational Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes all require specific nutritional care.  Our registered dietitians have the training to help patients make eating changes that can best control blood glucose levels and possibly prevent future medical complications.

Sports/Fitness Nutrition Counseling:  The human body is an engine and food is its fuel!  Our RD’s work with athletes and weekend warriors alike to make eating changes that improve energy and help them reach fitness goals.  They are also trained to develop sports specific meal plans for optimal athletic performance.  

Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition Guidance: Working alongside the Bon Secours Bariatric Surgery Nutrition team, our RD’s help patients reach their goals to qualify for surgery and maintain their weight loss after surgery.  

Registered Dietitians are dedicated to long term healthy eating-not just quick, temporary fixes.  To all the Registered Dietitians at Bon Secours, we thank you for your work.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of our nutrition programs.