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I didn’t make any fitness resolutions this year.

I think it’s because I’ve managed to make healthy eating and exercising an easy part of my life.

If you find yourself already having trouble making time to work out, take a good look at your goal.

Is it realistic?

When you work full time, you have few choices on when to exercise. At the crack of dawn, during lunch, after work and weekends.

Try to pick a time when you have the energy to ride your bike or run up and down stadium stairs.

Are you driving 30 minutes out of your way to the gym? Or is it on your way home from work? Paying a little more for convenience or opting for a less fancy gym because it’s closer to your house or office can help you meet your goals.

I live about 10 minutes from the gym where I teach a group fitness class. But on some days, it’s just easier for me to pull on my running shoes and head out the door for a jog in my neighborhood.

Exercise itself can be hard enough. The least we can do is make it as convenient as possible.

Alice Warchol is a freelance writer and fitness instructor.

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